Important Updated Links on the Coronavirus

Needless to say, there has been a tremendous about of information thrown at the general public and business community in recent days that can seem to confuse. The progressive nature of this virus is causing the news, health instructions and government actions to change daily. As an example, do we stay 3feet, 6feet or 10feet apart? Are we all self-quarantining or just some.

Many have heard that there are actual cases in their community, only to find out it was just the rumor mill. Some have even been told that the virus can be transmitted in normal drinking water, which is absolutely a falsehood according to the Center for Disease Control, (CDC).

The list goes on and on. Our blog’s purpose is to give our customers and community the ability to continually find up-to-date and as accurate information as possible from recognized sources as this pandemic continues over the next several weeks or months.

Safety Steps You Can Take for Business & Family

Remember – this is a marathon in preparedness – not a sprint.

Safety Preparedness are words seldom spoken in most family or business gatherings. At least not until the crisis arises. At Helppro1 we often write and notify about the upcoming seasonal storm season and various reasons to prepare. But we never expected in our lifetime to be using such words are ‘global pandemic’ in our writings.

It is always more difficult to prepare for the “storm” when you are in the midst of it. Yet, there are things that can and should be done on a frequent and regular basis. The above graphic from PA Gov addresses some of those needs. Logical sensible everyday needs. No hoarding needed.

Thankfully, depending on your immediate location, most of these are presently still available either in local markets or on-line. Most thankfully, we do not have to gather these items in the midst of winter.

Although precautions should always be noted depending on your locale and method of pick-up or delivery. You should still be well ahead of the curve if you gather such before April 1st.
Please remember, no hoarding is needed.

Our Business Posture during the Coronavirus Outbreak

HelpPro1’s number one concern is toward our employees and customers plus their families and staff.

Secondarily, we are still staffing to ensure our ability to supply whatever restoration or remediation needs arise. Rest assured our employees are Trained, Certified, Insured and Protected in dealing with a host of incidents that can occur. Inclusive of training to ensure the health and safety of your family, staff and possessions.

HelpPro1 is one of the very few companies in Central and West Central Illinois that is Trained and Certified in dealing with the Coronavirus. Sadly, many companies are claiming that they are capable of handling homes, businesses and facilities, when the reality is, they are not even Certified to do such or Accredited to utilize the EPA / CDC Virucides needed.

HelpPro1 utilizes only EPA and CDC approved chemicals in dealing with the Coronavirus and other viral outbreaks. Quick application note. Other companies are showing ads featuring their staff spraying a supposed anti-viral agent in homes and offices wearing short-sleeved shirts, shorts and no hand or face protection. Please be aware that the EPA, CDC and Institute of Cleaning & Restoration requires applicants to be fully covered inclusive of respirators, head coverings, gloves and shoe coverings when applying these Virucides.

The EPA & CDC products that we utilize to eliminate known contaminants can be utilized in Nursing Homes, Schools, Office Settings, Factory Facilities as well as Apartments, Hotels and most certainly homes. HelpPro1 Technicians not only offer a Free Estimate to address the issues in your office or home, but also educate you on the application of such products. Rest assured these products are safe and less harmful to humans than most cleaning agents. Call today with any questions you might have. 1.844.435.7776

Still have concerns? Call us today and let us ease your concerns and address your needs.

In closing, please remember one very important thing at this time, a Pandemic does not equate to Death. It simply is the widespread nature of a very contagious disease that possibly can lead to death in rare cases. Taken seriously, which sadly many do not, this too will pass. Again, if you have concerns or mental anguish, please be sure your information is correct by referring to the above sites we have listed. Above all if you are secluded or isolated – be sure to reach out and talk to those that know you. Communications is sometimes just the medicine we need. Be Safe.

CDC – Phone Hotline on Coronavirus – Call 800-232-4636