Expectant & Emergency Storm Cleanup Services

HelpPro1 has been assisting homeowners, businesses, and institutional owners with immediate emergency storm services designed to lessen the loss and cost of their tragedy as expediency is key. Our state is continually under the threat of severe weather during a large chunk of the year. No matter the season, severity follows from tornadoes, hail, ice, blizzards, severe winds, torrential rains, flooding, and on occasion, earthquakes. We bring quick, emergency response to eliminate the risk of further loss or destruction to a structure and its contents.

Every minute counts when you are trying to protect your home, business, or institution from the possibility of more damage occurring as storms can bring on loads of uncertainty and unpredictability. That is where our trained professionals come in quickly to assess your emergency situation and dispatch the necessary materials and services to get your structure and contents secured from further harm.


Here for you during the whole storm cleanup process

Unfortunately, no one can ever stop a disaster, but once it has happened, we will contain the damage that your property has endured in order to combat against any more damage that may come in its path. Our trained, licensed professionals, who are EPA and CDC-compliant, utilize equipment recognized in the industry and certified for the services we render. We’ll even take inventory, clean and store your precious possessions in our secure climate-controlled 20,000 square foot facility. During the cleaning process, we will work independently or directly with your insurance company and take care of any government or financial paperwork needed to ensure you’re staying on budget and that we are doing our job right for your safety and security. Why do we invest so much? Because our customers come first and deserve the very best service available.

Request an Estimate

Our company takes great pride in bringing your home or business back from the calamity caused by storms so that you can once again enjoy your property’s surroundings to the fullest. For a no-obligation estimate, or if you have any questions regarding our storm cleanup services, give us a call at (844) 435-7776 to schedule an appointment today! We’re just a phone call away to saving your day!

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