Delivering Compassionate & Caring Fire Cleanup Services

HelpPro1 delivers compassionate and caring fire cleanup services to take care of clearing away the real damage of the fire’s remains. We’ll guide you through the entire process so you recover as fast as possible, even after the fire trucks have come and gone. Restoring your residential, commercial, or institutional property to its former condition, requires the work of certified, trained professionals, who are EPA and CDC-compliant, as this is not a time to do-it-yourself, or even work with a local contractor. Only our technicians are certifiably trained and skilled to do the job as it is the most cost-effective and long-term option. Not only is it beneficial to you, insurance companies require it for you, making sure that your property is brought back up to code for all who live and work there.


Fire Cleanup Services

The after effects of a fire to a home, business, or institution’s belongings add more stress than how the fire was started. No matter if it was large or small, cleaning up and removing heavy smoke damage and odors is what our team has been trained to do. Our fire cleanup process is the same with all our other services as we start out with damage assessment. Next, we’ll send in our highly-skilled crew to get the job done in a timely manner while extracting water, base molding removal, containments maintenance, cleaning soot, and wiping away smoke damage. We will remove and clean the following from any property whether in a home, school building, hospital, or business property:

smoke coming underneath a door

Smoke Odor

window damages by fire

Window Damage

carpet with residue from smoke and fire

Damage To Doors

walls and ceiling fire damage

Walls & Ceiling Surfaces

carpet with residue from smoke and fire
Residue & Dry Soot In Carpets
basement remodel after a fire
Complete Restoration & Reconstruction

When our certified professionals clean, we use only the latest tested, environmentally-friendly cleaning techniques to clean soot, residue, and smoke from any property. Our extensive capabilities restore your possessions to their like-new state utilizing our facilities’ clean room services and technologies. During the cleaning process, we will work independently or directly with your insurance company and take care of any government or financial paperwork needed to ensure you’re staying on budget and that we are doing our job right for your safety and security.

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If your property has been damaged by a fire, or you have any questions regarding our fire cleanup services, give us a call at (844) 435-7776 to schedule an appointment today! We’re just a phone call away to saving your day!

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