Fast Acting & Immediate Response with Sewage Cleanup Services

HelpPro1 is your first stop when it comes to cleaning up sewage. It can be a property owner’s nightmare as it is not only hazardous to your health, but should only be taken care of by a certified professional. The sad truth is, this type of damage is known to be mishandled more often than not and can leave occupants in a very precarious state, which can lead to potentially extreme health risks.

Sewer damage is by far the worst situation for residential, commercial, and institutional owners alike as it produces pungent odors along with property destruction, and few people realize the smell is actually very infectious to humans and pets. Left unattended for any period of time, and you have a disease-ridden microbial soup. Not only is solid waste an issue, but the surface contaminants can lead to airborne hazards, causing problems in your HVAC system. Fortunately, our trusted team is your first responder when sewage is discovered and cleanup is needed right away.


Our sewage cleanup process

When you want the sewage gone, Clorox, soap, and water in accordance with elbow grease is not the best alternative. With quick action response, our certified professionals utilize the latest proven agents for cleaning that are EPA and CDC-approved for humans and friendly around pets. Our team wears HAZMAT suits to clean and remove the sewage in a timely manner and sanitize the area, along with providing containment maintenance, leaving it cleaner than before the damage happened. In the severest of situations, our certified inspectors might even request that you find another means of accommodations until your situation is resolved. During the cleaning process, we will work independently or directly with your insurance company and take care of any government or financial paperwork needed to ensure you’re staying on budget and that we are doing our job right for your safety and security.

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For a no-obligation estimate, or if you have any questions regarding our sewage cleanup services, give us a call at (844) 435-7776 to schedule an appointment today! We’re just a phone call away to saving your day!

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