Fires are as unpredictable as they are destructive. It’s impossible to know when and where a fire will strike, but being prepared only takes a bit of planning.

For most businesses, the only thing that’s worse than the damage a fire causes is its aftermath. Contacting a reputable restoration company as soon as the flames are extinguished helps owners and staff speed up the recovery process. While professionals take on the challenge of cleaning up the damage, business owners can concentrate on gathering information, making arrangements, and rebooting operations so that everyone can get back to work.

A Post-fire Checklist for Businesses

Fires can cause significant financial and emotional stress. Below is a list of eight essential actions that can help businesses recover quickly and securely:

  1. Contact the insurer(s) of the business and its property as soon as possible to begin the claims process.
  2. Document everything from the day of the fire onward, because not all damage will be immediately apparent or obviously fire-related.
  3. Identify all parties that may be legally liable and inform them of the situation.
  4. Secure the premises against being vandalized or further damaged, hire temporary or supplemental security if needed, and retrieve any unsecured valuables.
  5. Discontinue or pause all utilities and other business services as needed (e.g., janitorial, IT, office supplies) until operations resume.
  6. Provide updated contact information to all relevant authorities and affected parties. Update them right away if there are changes to contact information.
  7. Contact vendors, customers, employees, and all other affected parties as soon as possible to inform them of the current status. Provide updates regularly to keep everyone informed.
  8. Call an experienced fire remediation and restoration company as soon as possible to remove debris, remediate related issues, and restore the space.

Always Prepare in Advance

Businesses that have never experienced a fire have the benefit of time. They should prepare by fireproofing workspaces and processes. Fire preparation matters equally to the business’s owners, employees, vendors, and clients. By talking to a fire claims expert about the process ahead of time, companies will have a clearer understanding of what will happen if disaster strikes.

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