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Supplemental Services

HelpPro1 is pleased to offer a host of Supplementary Services designed to assist our customers in quickly and efficiently restoring their surroundings and possessions. These services represent significant investments by HelpPro1 to ensure precise and proven techniques in cleaning, restoration, toxic substance removal, smoke removal, deodorization, security and above all protection of personal health & property.

Supplementary Services Designed to Professionally Help Our Customers

  • Emergency Structural Containment
  • Carpet Cleaning, Restoration, Deodorization
  • Upholstery Cleaning, Restoration, Deodorization
  • Structural Deodorization
  • Duct Cleaning & Odor Neutralization
  • Whole Home Ventilation & Dehumidification
  • Wildlife Decontamination & Deodorization
  • Clean Room Facilities On HelpPro1 Facility Site
  • Climate Controlled Secure Storage Spaces
  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Sump Pump Installation
  • Battery Back-Up Sump Pump Installation
  • Crawl Space Ventilation
  • Basement Tiling Systems
  • Crawl Space Tiling Systems
  • Pest Control Services

HelpPro1 offers these enhanced services to accommodate your specific needs. Call 1.844.435.7776 with any questions or needs you might have.

Emergency Structural Containment

Regardless of the disaster or emergency, HelpPro1 can secure, contain and protect structures from further erosion of property or assets. Our team of seasoned professionals will be on your site within hours of your unfortunate occurrence.

Carpet Cleaning, Restoration, Deodorization

Carpets are prone to not only capture dirt & varying odors, but also other known pests such as carpet mites. HelpPro1 utilizes commercial extractors and environmentally proven cleaning agents to ensure your completed project satisfies the most discerning eye and nose.

Upholstery Cleaning, Restoration, Deodorization

Many of the same techniques and proven cleaning methods HelpPro1 utilizes in carpet restoration are applied to upholstery cleaning. Upholstery Cleaning & Deodorization should always be treated by a professional to ensure fabric protection to color and integrity of materials.

Structural Deodorization

The reasons for odors in structures are as numerous as the days of the year. Pet odors, mold odors, cooking odors, wildlife odors and even odors from decay, sewage and rot. Rest assured, HelpPro1 has seen and smelled them all. Years of experience, state of the art equipment and known allergy free methods allow HelpPro1 to assist anyone throughout Central Illinois. Regardless of the size of the structure, we will assist you in becoming odor free.

Duct Cleaning & Odor Neutralization

The secret is out, Dirty Ductwork in homes and businesses are costing thousands in medical care and expenses due to dust mites, allergens, and dirty forced air. The HVAC Industry estimates that over 85% of ductwork could easily contribute to these health factors. HelpPro1 is not only trained in the appropriate manners to zone and clean this nuisance, but HelpPro1’s Certified Commerical Grade Equipment will get the job done properly.

Whole Home Ventilation & Dehumidification

Consistent with Duct Cleaning and Odor Neutralization, Ozoning a home as is commonly called, a vast majority of homes and businesses utilize dehumidifiers to extract moisture and mildew smell from their surrounding environment. At best, this method only reduces the humidity and damp smells. Only through proper Structural Ventilation and Dehumidification can the results achieve total success. Call a HelpPro1 agent today to understand how we might assist your situation.

Wildlife & Pet Decontamination & Deodorization

Who knew you were keeping unknown pets in the crawlspace or attic. Be they squirrels, mice, bats, rats or the stray cats, over time they all can cause extensive damages and leave noxious and harmful odors. Left untreated, further destruction occurs rapidly. HelpPro1 not only is skilled in Pest Control Removal but applies precise industry standards to restore your surroundings to their original state.

HelpPro1 Clean Room Facilities

Proper remediation, cleaning, and microbiological decontamination require Safe & Clean Rooms for execution of procedures needed to meet certain certification standards by the Insurance Association Guidelines. HelpPro1 provides such accommodations to ensure the accuracy and integrity needed to meet these exacting needs.

Climate Controlled Secure Storage Spaces

One of the tremendous benefits that HelpPro1 offers its patrons are extensive capabilities to securely store their precious belongings. Protecting our customers and their numerous assets; from antiques to china, to clothing to family keepsakes, is just another way HelpPro1 protects and serves those that entrust us with their business.

Basement Waterproofing

CHESHIRE, CT, USA – OCTOBER 2017: A burst pipe at the furnace and water tank has caused a leak on the basement floor of a house. Basement Waterproofing requires extensive skills and precise estimations to correctly resolve every structures waterproofing needs. HelpPro1 is pleased to offer assistance with over four decades of experience in the waterproofing trade. Call us as soon as possible to schedule a Free Inspection and No Obligation Estimate, to avoid further damages to structure and contents.

Sump Pump Installation

Installation of a new sump pump and the removal of the old obsolete rusty one with a high angle view of the pumps, pit, and pipes

Determining the correct configuration for your structures waterproofing needs and determining the size of pump capacity needed must be done by a professional to avoid even costlier disasters. Replacing a furnace, basement freezer or even a washer-dryer can be extremely costly if the pump capacity chosen will not properly eradicate the amount of water entering your basement. Leave the water removal and sump placement or replacement to the professionals at HelpPro1.

Battery Backup Systems for Sump Pump Installation

Once your waterproofing system is installed, inclusive of the appropriately sized sump pump, be sure to examine the final needed steps of securing an adequate battery backup system for when power failures occur. Battery backup systems ensure that water will not flood your basement and ruin possesions during power losses. Ask a HelpPro1 Professional for a system that suits your needs and give you peace of mind.

Crawl Space Ventilation

A properly vented crawlspace helps to avoid multiple issues in your structure. First and foremost it reduces the humidity level down to eliminate that musty odor that often occurs. Since 40% or more of crawl space air escapes upward due to structural stacking pressures, lower humidity levels in the crawl space actually mean better air quality even on the first floor of a structure. In recent years, it has also been determined that rising Radon Gas filtration into structures can be reduced or even eliminated through proper crawl space ventilation. Ask a HelpPro1 professional to educate you on the total benefits of proper crawl space ventilation. A cost-effective way to quickly help in making a healthy home.

Crawl Space & Basement Tiling Systems

Water in Crawl Spaces and Basements has been an issue since the beginning of their creation. Continual changes in the movement of the structure with the attached foundation and surrounding sub scape cause entry points throughout the substructure. Interior tiling around the perimeter of a Crawl Space or Basement has long been proven as one of the more effective methods of dealing with water infiltration. Properly assessed by a HelpPro1 Professional with a Free Inspection and Estimate can ensure years of waterproof living. Call 1.844.435.7776 to schedule today.

Pest Control Services

Rodents like all pests populate a dwelling very quickly. Left unattended for any period of time, and you have a complete infestation. HelpPro1 has seen varying levels of infestation from Bee Hives, to Ground Hog infiltration with extensive property destruction. Once spotted, the smartest action is to call a HelpPro1 Certified Professional to rid your structure permanently of unwanted guests.

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