Mold Cleanup

Toxic mold is hazardous to the health of family member or an employee. Mold can spread throughout a building or home quickly and undetected. Help-Pro mold inspection and removal technicians find, kill and remove toxic mold growth.

Mold growth is found under carpets, on ceilings, behind wallpaper, also in heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems. Invisible mold grows in crawl spaces, walls, and under floor boards. Health complaints are a sure sign that mold may be spreading.


Help Pro is a full service Mold Remediation Company. We identify the mold and address it at it’s source. In order to prevent cross contamination of your home or business, we will set up full containment chambers around contaminated areas. We also use state of the art HEPA air filtration machines to prevent cross – contamination. After carefully securing the contaminated area, the mold is then removed from the structure. Help Pro’s microbial remediation procedures are performed in accordance with the IICRC S500, which is the industry standard for microbial remediation. Beware of companies that just wipe down the affected area and then encapsulated (paint over) the mold. The S500 clearly states the mold should be removed, not encapsulated.

Let Help-Pros’ trained team of certified technicians make your home or business into a healthy and safe living place.



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