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Storm & Emergency Damage

Storm Damage & Emergency Cleanup

Severe Weather throughout Illinois

Throughout Central Illinois we are continually under the threat of severe weather during much of the year. Regardless of the season, spring, summer, fall or winter, each one brings a certain severity with it.  Tornadoes, Hail Storms, Ice Storms, Blizzards, Severe Winds, Torrential Rains, Flooding and even an occasional Earthquake.  HelpPro1 has been assisting homeowners and business owners alike with immediate Emergency Storm Services designed to lessen the loss and cost of their tragedy. Expedientcy is the key here.

Emergency Board-up Services

Immediate Actions are Needed To Ensure
Eliminating the Risk of Further Loss or
Destruction to the structure and contents 

Your HelpPro1 Team will respond quickly to access your emergency situation and just as quickly will dispatch the materials and services needed to secure your structure and its contents from further harm. Every minute counts when you are attempting to stop further destruction to your business. Ask your Insurance Carrier now before any disaster, about HelpPro1’s reputation and response times. Then when emergencies arise, and they will, call HelpPro1 first to reduce your losses.

Contain, Constrain and Regain Continuity 

No one can ever totally stop a disaster.  But, once it has occurred, HelpPro1 Trained Professionals can contain the amount of damage the structure has suffered, constrain the elements from causing further damage and most of all, regain some continuity to start a pathway back to the normal times before the emergency. We’ll even inventory, clean & store your precious possessions in our secure climate-controlled 20,000 square foot facility. 

The Importance of Training and Industry Recognized Certification Standards

The hard truth is very few people are adequately trained to deal with issues that are caused from storm damage and emergencies.  It is an expense that most companies do not want to address. HelpPro1’s Training & Certification Processes are Extensive, Industry Recognized Standards and Require Annual ReCertification and Training. Plus, our equipment is also industry recognized and certified for the services we render.  Why do we invest so much?  Because our customers deserve the best services possible.

Consider the Cost of Improper Repairs, Board-Ups, Restoration and Reconstruction

Time and again we deal with emergency situations that were improperly handled from the very beginning.  Ask your Insurance Carrier of the nightmare stories they may have heard.  Companies that do not stand behind their work. Companies that do not use the proper equipment, materials and even agents for cleaning to restore your structure back to its full integrity.  HelpPro1 takes great pride in bringing your home or business back from the calamity caused by storms, so you can once again enjoy your life’s surroundings.  Call us today; 1.844.435.7776, you will be glad you did.

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