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Sewage Damage

Sewage Damage

Is there truly anything more disgusting than rotting sewage?

Sewage Cleanup is truly a microbiological nightmare, … 

that is not only hazardous, but should only 
be addressed by a Certified Professional.

Sewage Cleanup is one of life’s more unpleasant occurrences.
Certainly not a pleasant subject or as quick & easy a cleanup project as most think. Sadly, sewage cleanup is known to be mishandled more often than not. Leaving the occupants in a very precarious state, … and even possibly at extreme health risks.

Fast Action is Required. First, lets start with a list of hazards that can occur from sewage and its variations in microbiological intensity. Sewage produces not only surface contaminants but also airborne. Depending on the amount of sewage discharged into a structure, the length of time the structure is exposed to the impure contaminants and even the HVAC system that is in place, assists in determining the degree of biological degradation. HelpPro1’s strongest possible recommendation is to contact us immediately upon discovering your sewage cleanup need.

Common Diseases Caused from Raw Sewage’s Bacteria Laced Effluents.
Campylobacteriosis – most common cause of diarrheal illness in America.
Cryptosporidiosis – microscopic parasite
Hepatitis A

The list goes on and contains over 20 other known pathogens that are highly contagious. For this reason HelpPro1 Trained Technicians wear bio-hazardous clothing and masks when resolving your structures hazardous issues. Plus, we remove, destroy and discard all contaminants as bio-hazards in accordance with IEPA procedures.


What causes the intense smell from Sewage Damage?
Hydrogen sulfide, better known as ‘sewer gas’ is the culprit for those often overwhelming and long-lingering odors.  The smell is from decaying organic matter.  It is a ‘toxic mixture of gas’ and in excessive concentrations can cause health issues.  Commonly, this cannot be eradicated with just normal cleaning and household chemicals.  Trained professional assistance is always needed.


Why a HelpPro1 Trained Professional for Sewage Cleanup?

Commonly we hear frightening stories of other companies simply shoveling up the discharged sewage substances into normal trash bags, using a normal shop-vacuum on the surrounding area, then applying a cleaning mixture that usually includes bleach, … and finally placing blowers to dry & remove some of the odor. Each and every step just described is the absolute opposite of proven Certified Professional Procedures and Protocol for Eliminating Sewage Discharged into a Structure. HelpPro1 has the correct equipment, microbiological cleaning agents, professionally certified air handling & air scrubbing equipment, plus only Certified Trained Professionals to expedite your structures cleanup. Rest assured, when completed, your home will be safe to occupy.


What are the consequences of improperly cleaning up Raw Sewage that has been discharged into a structure?

The list is too long to even share. The overview is health issues, … especially respiratory, possibly future mold and mildew issues in the structure, and maybe the worst of all, … permanent infiltration into the HVAC system. Once contaminants become airborne, a household deteriorates rapidly. HelpPro1 knows from experience, that a healthy home is a happy home.


The Cost of Cleaning Up Raw Sewage Damage?


The actual cost may not be as much as you think. Especially if your homeowner’s policy covers such unfortunate occurrences. HelpPro1 is pleased to offer immediate dispatches to access your situation, help you understand the extent of the sewage damage, and give you a time table to Professionally Restore your structure, … absolutely with no obligation.


Call HelpPro1 as soon as your discover your Sewage Damage. Our professionals are ready 24/7 to assist you in resolving your situation at 1.844.435.7776.

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