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Crawlspace Damage

So, exactly what is living in your crawl space?
Are you sure you want to know?



Literally A Multitude of Potential Problems

Crawlspaces can hold a multitude of problems and even health issues. It is estimated that up to 40% of the ambient air on the first floor of any dwelling can come directly from crawlspaces and basements – (dependant on the structure’s stacking pressure). Those individuals that have allergies or respiratory problems are sometimes the first to know about an unhealthy crawlspace.

HelpPro1 will not only investigate possible contaminations in your crawlspace, but our Certified Team of Professionals will remedy your situation in short order.  

Poor Ventilation is without a doubt the primary cause of the crawlspace’s musty damp odor. Left unattended, this is the prime target for promoting mold spores and their rapid spread. Wooden structures that reach a 70% or above moisture saturation will probably cause even further structure issues, such as rotting wood.  Not to mention that termites love a moist morsel of wood to chew on.
Ventilating a crawlspace properly without increasing the cost of your utilities can only be accomplished by professionals. Do not let the average contractor even attempt proper ventilation of a crawlspace. Your HelpPro1 professional will guide you through the exact procedures needed.
Moisture Laden Crawlspaces rank right behind poor ventilation in severity for potential damage in crawlspaces. Regardless of the season, a crawlspace that promotes & retains moisture, has minimal air ventilation and allows non-encapsulated soil is a formula for an extremely unhealthy home and the possibility of long-term expenses when left unattended.
If we have seen one, we have literally seen a thousand problem crawlspaces.  Improper crawlspace drainage. Improper crawlspace ventilation & encapsulation. Four decades of experience speaks for itself. HelpPro1’s Certified Professional can remediate you situation to your total satisfaction – in an expeditious way.
Compromised Sub-Floor Integrity is another potential risk of not addressing moisture and poor ventilation in a crawlspace or basement. Especially if the sub-floor structure is constructed of OSB.  Strand board due to its composition has a tendency, depending on the humidity of the surrounding environment, to expand and contract at a much greater rate than other woods. OSB is known under these conditions to additionally not retain the true secureness of holding screws or nails properly – causing excess floor movement. Needless to say replacement of a structures sub-floor is not only exhaustive but extremely disruptive and unaffordable. 
Only experienced construction restoration and reconstruction professionals should attempt sub-floor replacement. The entire structural integrity must be understood even before the process starts. HelpPro1 has over three generations that have been involved in restoring all types of structures successfully. 
Infestation. The word alone conjures up varying fears and concerns. Everything from insects, to rodents, to those lovely flying friends known as bats love the underworld. A damp, unsealed, unventilated crawlspace is so inviting to many various unwanted and destructive residents.  Inclusive of raccoons, snakes, lizards, and our least favorite, skunks. Left unattended, anyone of these uninvited occupants can cause extreme destruction.
HelpPro1 has had the privilege of restoring homes and businesses alike by removing all sorts of unwanted guests, … and their droppings. Rest assured, when we eradicate those nasty pests, we also remove any carrying cards and odors they left behind.
Utility Bills.  Most owners do not consider the savings when crawlspaces or basements are insulated and even encapsulated.  Energy experts estimate a minimal savings of 20% to a maximum of 30% on your monthly utility bills. Properly insulating and encapsulating your crawlspace can actually be one of the most energy saving applications to a structure, outside of insulating the attic. Additionally, proper encapsulation techniques in your crawlspace – coupled with proper ventilation, can greatly reduce the possibility of unhealthy radon gas in your substructure. Insulation, encapsulation and ventilation are the ‘trifecta’ of energy efficient and healthy crawlspace environments.
HelpPro1 utilizes only the latest state-of-the-art materials in encapsulating and insulating your property.  Care is given to actually document the procedures for your satisfaction. We are more than pleased to show you photographs of the process before and after.
Home Inspection.  Nothing is more devastating than having a Home Inspector examine your structure to surmise any surprises a new buyer might have, and you find out the crawlspace is not only soggy & moisture laden, but infested with unwanted guests. A poorly maintained crawlspace can actually cost you more later on, … than what it would cost you now to correct.
A word to the wise, consider having your home or business inspected by HelpPro1 before the Home Inspection occurs.  It will give you peace of mind and be helpful in the sale of your property.
Structural Restoration.  The costliest of all is structural restoration or modification caused from years of crawlspace neglect.  Left unattended, the entire support foundation of the structure, sometimes including even the floor joists can be damaged to the point of needing repair. 
Sounds like your property?  Call a HelpPro1 professional today for an immediate inspection. Our inspections are Free and detailed for your peace of mind. 1.844.435.7776.
HelpPro1 Offers these Crawlspace Remedies & More

  • Waterproofing
  • Crawlspace Water Evacuation
  • Crawlspace Moisture Level Testing
  • Sump-pump Installation
  • Crawlspace Encapsulation
  • Crawlspace Insulation
  • Crawlspace Drainage Systems
  • Crawlspace Mold Remediation
  • Crawlspace Mildew Remediation
  • Crawlspace Pest Removal
  • Crawlspace Feces Cleanup
  • Crawlspace Ventilation
  • Crawlspace Dehumidification
  • Crawlspace Structural Repair
  • Crawlspace Foundation Repair
  • Crawlspace Deodorization

Crawlspace Questions?  Call your HelpPro1 Professional today.  1.844.435.7776. We have the equipment, the training & certifications, the experience and integrity to assist you with your crawlspace issues.

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