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Repeat Customers are Imperative

Once a determination has been made that Repeat Customers are Paramount to developing a profitable long-term business plan; … How do we actually retain customers so they will echo the praises of experiencing the satisfaction of your services?

First you should ponder the sincerity of your efforts to excel in whatever services or skills you offer your clients. Unless you are honest with yourself … “to thine own self be true” … you will never be able to naturally exude your genuine interest toward helping others.

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Thinly Disguised Contempt

Over four decades ago, even before Tom Peters and a ‘Passion for Excellence’, IBM paraphrased the term … Thinly Disguised Contempt. They utilized this term in training their staff the basics of decency in selling. Essentially it was the ability of any potential customer being able to determine if the persona and interests toward a person were in fact authentic. IBM’s conclusion was that the majority of customers with even simple intellect can easily determine if those asking for their business were genuinely authentic. The ‘Real Deal’ as many used to say. Tom Peters in his book, a ‘Passion for Excellence‘, alludes to the determination that Executive Excellence is truly a passion of absolute proportion. Many conclude without this personal drive or continual lofty ambition; one’s pursuit of success is just folly.

The determination of this motivation to be authentic, genuine or ‘true to one’s self’, must be examined frequently to assess if one is on track for their end goal; their ability to continually assist others in becoming successful in resolving their objectives, situations, or service needs.

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Webster describes genuine as; sincerely and honestly felt or experienced; actual truth or free from hypocrisy or pretense. Truly the complete opposite of thinly disguised contempt. The hardcore truth of this passion to continually strive in assisting others in an excellent way with the sincerest of manner is ‘selflessness at its finest’.

Now take time to refresh your memory to those who impressed you with their authentic and genuine efforts to assist you in your life endeavors. Intuition early on easily led you to believe their sincerity to assist you. Your responsiveness immediately allowed you to lower your guard and actually hear their presentation without obstructing walls of defense. You must admit, it was an experience to remember. In actuality, it probably shaped your demeanor in some way.

So, we finally get to one answer we needed. To retain customers, we first must gain them with our genuinely sincere interest in serving them in an open, honest and selfless manner. Only then do we get the positive reviews, referrals, and customer retention. Above all we receive the heartfelt rewards that originally encouraged us to consider and pursue the careers we presently enjoy.

Fact is, if you are not genuinely sincere towards your customers and instead pursuing your personal interests for success over helping others … you probably are not that happy with your self-fulfilling endeavors all the time. It just might be time for the proverbial checkup from the neck up or, as some call it … the come to Jesus self-talk. For ‘out of the heart the mouth speaks’.

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A Work Foundation of Happiness

According to the Greater Good Magazine from UC Berkeley Education, article by EMILIANA R. SIMON-THOMAS | AUGUST 29, 2018 
The Four Keys for Happiness at Work; “For somewhere between 55 to 80 percent of us, it’s normal to see work as something to be endured, not enjoyed.”

The article further eludes to; ” ‘The Foundations of Happiness at Work‘, we define happiness at work in similar terms: feeling an overall sense of enjoyment at work; being able to gracefully handle setbacks; connecting amicably with colleagues, coworkers, clients, and customers; and knowing that your work matters to yourself, your organization, and beyond.”

Now, we have discovered yet another building block in Customer Retention. One must be sincerely happy in the everyday work they accomplish. That can-do mentality of successfully helping others in their situations. Back in the sixties, and the ‘true summer of love’, it was called good vibes. People were always quick to note that others did not give off good vibes. The Beach Boys even alluded to Good Vibrations in their song. How’s your business vibrations?

On an interesting & disturbing side note, based on the Addiction Center, according to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD), more than 70 percent of those abusing illicit drugs in America are employed. Sincerely unhappy campers. Remember the 55% – 80% not happy in their workplace above. Do will all recall the 20/80 Ratio of Employee Performance – 20% of the workforce produce 80% of the revenue. Correlation?

The Human Element

Regardless if you are an owner, manager, associate or laborer for hire, representing yourself in a sincere and genuine manner to your fellow peers and potential or existing customers is not only crucial to your mental health, but also your future success. Remember to ‘Thine Own Self Be True’

Examining the issues, needs and approaches to Customer Retention always eventually leads to the human element in developing genuine interests in continual customer communications and serving others. Just like in any relationship, interaction must be at the forefront to develop a long-lasting narrative that grows the rapport.

Over six decades ago, Standard Oil understood the importance of pure and evident good will in customer service. Being first to assist your customers was critical in showing your personal clientele their continued importance. Being genuinely friendly in assisting all of their vehicle service check needs without even being asked. Promptness, courteousness, selflessness in serving still has not grown old.

Why? Truth is, we all want to be cared for. It shows us someone really cares. Standard Oil even felt you should recognize your repeat customers and even know them by name.

So, while we continually maintain an excellent attitude on managing one’s self, also develop a caring attitude for those around you. Especially your patrons. Retain On!

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